Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hannah's 12/13.5 Month Stats

So, I finally got an appointment with Hannah's doctor for her 12 month wellness check up. With us being out of town so much in August and September we just got around to seeing Dr. Keathly. Who I highly recommend. I absolutley love the Little Rock Children's Clinic. Hannah's doctor is amazing.
So there we were today waiting in the waiting room for our name to be called. Hannah being the social bug that she is, kept trying to feed "Parker" her cheerio's. The poor boy was terrified of Hannah, he wanted nothing to do with her ( I personally think...Somebody needs to work on their social skills..) anywho they call our name and we head off to the little room to see the doctor, but to my surprise we stopped at the "Big Kid" scale to take Hannah's weight. You know what I'm talking about.
This scale that I personally hate. I couldn't believe it was time for Hannah to be weighed on this scale. My first thought was "Shoot! I don't have my camera" lol...I'm offically that girl.

Hannah had a pretty good check up, minus the shots.

She's 21.5 pounds (42% percentile)
Length 30" (58% percentile)
Head Circumference 17.5 (20% percentile)

She does well with new foods, she loves her veggies and fruits. She's not a big meat eater. Except for hot dogs, but I really try to limit those.

She's doing better and better with Milk. And we are offically off the bottles and the binkies are only necessary at night.

Dr. Keathly said she is a very happy healthy baby, which I'm sure she tells most patients that, but I took that opportunity to thank God for giving us a healthy happy baby. I feel very fortunate that we all have good health.

I'm not really sure where she learned to put her hands on her hips...maybe from her dad ;o)

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