Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary

One September 19, 2009 Mike and I got married at the piper palm house.
It was by far the best day of my life. We were surrounded by all of our friends and family and WE WERE FINALLY GETTING MARRIED.
Mike and I dated three years before we got married, people were coming out of the wood works to see the "gal that got lightening to get married" trust me when I say. It was like tamming a wild horse lol..I'm totally kidding. Mike and I knew we were each others "one" shortly after we meet. When you know,you just know.
We got married pretty early in the morning, there was quite a bit time between the wedding and the reception. So, shock shock, another reason to have a party at my parents house. We had so much fun. It was Cardinals vs. Cubs and Mizzou was playing.
I know this had to be one of the best moments of Mike's day. It's not too often that he gets all of his closets friends together to watch sports. And I'm pretty sure I won the wife award when he and his groomsmen got to skip out of the last of pictures when the game came on.
We had our reception at Tapawing Golf Course. It was everything that I dreamed of

We had an amazing time, and we've had an amazing marriage. I never thought I would be married, living in Arkansas with a beautiful daughter. Dreams really do come true.

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