Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So my life has been pretty dang stressful lately. So I've been drinking an excess amount if wine

lol..I'm kidding...I've been chugging beer running

I have been stressed...but probably not as stressful as this "Stressed Lama"

Really? why is this Llama stressed? Is it stressed because it has hay looking things sticking out of it's mouth? Or because it has jacked up teeth? hmmm...not sure...but this thing is ugly as hell. but hysterical at the same I've lost it.

So I hear my dad's fatherly voice" Stress is a state of mind...if you don't don't matter" umm yeah OK... I mind and it  matter's I'm stressed..

That is why I have the crazy eyes this morning when I walked into work..oh wait...I have the crazy eyes because my snoring boxer kept me up all night...I have the pimple face because I am stressed out! REALLY when does that stop? 

This probably isn't the best week to "Stop drinking during the week" which I did not have a drink last night #thankyouverymuch. BUT my running has been impeccable to say the very least. 
Wine and Running....TOTALLY stress reliever...

I also go a new BFF

Isn't she purty...she makes running fun..bahaa that's a good one. She keeps me occupied while I run. 

So why am I stressed?

oh you know:

  • family
  • health
  • bills
  • childcare
  • not having back up child care
  • running
  • weight
  • job
  • family living 6 hours away..which results in no back up child care
  • what to cook for dinner
  • piles of laundry taking over the laundry room
  • my living room looks like TOY'S R US blew up
  • my car (which I've only had for 5 months) decided to shut reason in the middle of the street...
  • missing my bestie's 30th birthday
  • the black widow that I found in the garage
  • snakes sporadically on my run...I swear when I leave my house they rally up and hang out on my running paths...jerks
  • potty training
You know what my loving husband told me yesterday...

That he just didn't feel appreciated...he was in a joking spirit of course
...but he would be nice if you came home one day and said...

"you know what babe..I really appreciate all you do for me"

REALLY? DO I effing look like JUNE CLEAVER...

So after I put this face away

I politely said...let me get this straight:
so once I get home...from driving 1 additional hour to get Hannah...get home..cook dinner...make lunches for the next day...clean the kitchen and bathe our child...while you are sitting on your butt watching the would like for me to STOP what I'm doing and in my June cleaver voice say..."babe... I really appreciate you?"

He looked at me like : oh larwd I wish I could take those words back, please don't turn into
shaniqua again..and said...never mind I appreciate what you do.

LOL God Love him. I never claimed to be a perfect wife and he never claimed to be a perfect husband. I do appreciate everything he does for us. He is a hard worker. a little too much of a hard worker bless his heart...he just doesn't know when to lock it up

I... kid...I... kid....

I am a creature of habit. So when something throws my routine off...I get a little frazzled. But this too shall pass. I try to stay positive and not go all shaniqua on Mike...

I also crack myself up by reading these:

This cracks me up every time!!! lol...Hannah give me this look sometimes

"Hope mamma don't eat Glitzy...She eats everything else" bahaaa...

So, I wrote this post yesterday and for some reason I didn't post it. BUT now I know why.

I was over the top stressed yesterday. I mean stressed, not eating, snappy, cranky, pimple face, and just kept to myself (with my crazy eyes and pimple face)

 A dear friend at work asked if I was ok. I had to put myself in check and make it through the day.

I've been praying and praying about something in our life. And I felt like I was on a little bit of a time crunch to get this prayer answered. Days went by and seriously I needed a miracle by next week. I felt doomed. and when I feel doomed I get cranky and take it out on my sweet husband.

So I got a phone call on the way home from work. It was kid...It was my dad. I was telling my dad how stressed I was and I kid you not he said his famous qoute. "stress is a state of mind...blah..blah..blah.."

Long story longer...GOD answered my prayer last night!!! GLORY HALLELUJAH AMEN GOD IS GOOD!!!

Seriously, I had to think to myself. Why are you surprised? He will supply ALL of our needs. He will make a way when there seems to be no way!! COME ON AMIE have a little faith.

So I had to go home and be super nice to my husband.

With that prayer answered I felt the weight of the world lifted off of my shoulders. I went for a run and had one of the best runs ever. 4 miles in 38:16 time pace 9:25. AMAZEBALLS. I'm really tempted to sign up for the Little Rock Marathon. BUT I have to convince Marcia and Lauren to do it with me.

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