Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hannah's 2nd Birthday Party: St.Louis

I'm pretty sure I started planning H's 2nd birthday party. July 30, 2011. Yes, I have a slight obsession with my child throwing parties. I can't help myself. It's so much fun. If I had $1.00 for every time Mike asked me "What happened to all your money" I'd be one rich well dressed women. I know H won't remember these birthday parties, but she'll have pictures.

The six hour drive, the listening to Dora and cheerios all over the back seat of my car is totally worth putting this smile on her face. This is from her Friday night dance party with her Mimi. This is what we call her Country Daddy's side of dancing. Let's be honest she is  born and raised  adorable "Arkansas Girl"

And this is her "Down with O.P.P" Mommy's side of dancing. Either way, she LOVES having dance parties (when it's time to go to sleep) with her MIMI.

Back to the party:

So, I started planning this sucker way before July. Even though I said last year that I was doing her party in AR I was talked into having it in STL. Which I am so glad I did. We were able to see so many of our friends and family. They just don't see enough of us.

So, Theme. At the beginning stages of planning H was really into Olivia the Pig. So there I went on Pinterest.
I was a  Pig Party Planning Fool. I found This adorable outfit for H to wear. I had it all planned. AND I'll be doggone if H was totally over Olivia by the time her birthday rolled around. She would rather had Toy Story or Diego. Note to self, don't plan ahead. Girlfriend likes to change her mind.

But we rolled with it. Please excuse the hands in her mouth. That's a new thing. I'm not sure if it's her cutting teeth or biting her nails but her hands are always in her mouth.

Everything was red, black and white polka dots. I was in LOVE with the mason jar cups and straws. We got cupcakes from Lubeley's Bakery. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bakery. They did our wedding cake and all of our parties. The people are super nice and their stuff is so yummy!

I got to love on this guy for a bit. He's moving to Chicago this week. It took everything in me NOT to tie him to the water heater. I'm so sad that he's moving. But with Lot's of prayers and Southwest airlines. We are going to make it. P.S. can we say "Mini Mike". He's totally turned into his dad.

Big girl blowing the candle out. How cute is she? I can't believe she's two. Thank you Lord for our healthy little girl.

Present time!!

One of the 304,290 reason's I love my husband, is he knows how to have a good time. This year we didn't have the "let's shave random kids heads"  event like we did at her 1st birthday. We had the "Thanks for the  gift now take a shot" yep...you read that right. Mike made people take a shot when Hannah opened their gift. Disclaimer: everyone was feed and given water during this party. AND there were many random people "Sleeping it off" at my parents house.

yes, those are JORTS that my husband is wearing. He thought it would be funny and totally appropriate to bust those out in front of family and friends. I have no idea how he found those. I need to find a better hiding place. The fun didn't stop there, at one point in the night I looked over and Mike had those JORTS tight rolled! WHO DOES THAT?

MIMI and Mona stepping up for their shot.

The gang!

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate H's birthday! Love you guys!!

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