Thursday, August 2, 2012

Work less Wednesday #8

Yesterday was my final Wednesday off. So sad to go back to reality and the 5 day work week. BUT oh so excited to be home by 4:30pm.

So, I had a big day planned for Hannah and I. I got up ran. Which my run totally got cut short due to the random rain fall. Then we had some snuggle/Toy Story 3 (which she is totally obsessed with now..thankyouverymuchalliegracecoalter) Then I head for my much overdue hair appointment. When I got home I was geared up to get our day going. BUT I was surprised with this:

H usually naps from 12:00 pm and wakes from her beauty sleep around 1:00pm it was 12:48 when I got home so I made myself a healthy hearty lunch:

Yep! Balance meal right there for you folks. The only thing I was missing was my fruit. I ate in my bed and watch useless reality TV...

Then 2:00pm came rolling around and I thought to have 203,193 things you need to get done so I got up and competed 2 of those 203,193 things and sat my happy ass back down and took a nap. (that is probably why I am in spas mode this morning)

Hannah didn't wake up until 5:22pm. CRAZY!! That girl must have been tired..... or growing.

So once again H sort of got the short end of the stick. She did make it to gymnastics (which I am totally over. Some of those kids are horrible..I seriously scared the sh!t out of this little brat who tried to push H off the slide.The first time I let is slide but when she did it again I about lost it. No, I didn't pinch her but I gave her this crazy look and said in my crazy I mean business mother voice "DON'T YOU PUSH HER AGAIN". She looked at me like I had 5 heads and walked away.)

After gymnastics we did a little shopping. Then we spent some much needed time as a family watching..Toy Story 3..shocker..

I've convinced myself that there is nothing wrong with lazy days...oh and that it's totally OK to show up in the office with no make up and without brushing my hair. BUT I was able to check 3 things off my 203,191 things to do this morning. Yes I look like a hot mess this morning. but these people love me and there are only 3 other people in the office they can deal with it. I brushed my teeth and bathed so we're good. #welcometomylife

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