Tuesday, August 21, 2012

St. Louis Zoo

Because I just didn't have enough of the 6 hour drive when we went to STL for H's birthday on August 9th. I thought I throw the kid in the car one week later and head to STL....again...yep...I'm crazy.

 The 6 hour drive at night...was just shy of misery...but totally worth it. I don't know why I thought getting up at 5am-working-then hitting the road at 6pm would be a good idea. Guess that's how I didn't realize H was painting her toes with a magic marker in the back seat #mommyfail.

Anyways, I purposely accidentally woke my prego friend Stacey and convinced her to meet me at the St. Louis Zoo, before 9am so we can run around like banshee to the free stuff before they started charging. YEP. WE DID.

Our first stop was the Sting Rays & Sharks

The girls loved looking at them. One even "jumped" up and splashed.

This ginormous guy..made me a little nervous...If my memory serves me correct...someone was killed by one of these guys...#callmecrazy

Then we headed to the Children's Zoo..which is AMAZEBALLS

I told my self to not freak out about the nasty rat Guinea pig and let H pet it. She loved it.

Madi and Hannah played in here for quite a bit. It's so nice. There is so much to do in he children's zoo. It was amazing that how much they loved this:

Best Buds....

The STL ZOO is by far my favorite zoo. Not only is it free but they have added so many new fun things for kids and adults to do.

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