Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I think I've been bit by the RACE BUG...seriously...I can't stop sign up for them.

I rallied these girls to run it with me

...and by rally for Lauren I mean forced her to do it...lol..she love me...

Just because we were running doesn't mean we can't look cute...so what do we do..buy Tutu's.

apparently everyone in the city of St. Louis got the memo...there were 943,932 BILLION people there. It was crazy. We were in the 4th wave to take off. There were literally people starting the race when we finished.

So every 1k there were people throwing this stuff on you


So by the end of the race you looked like this:

and this

I had to share this photo. This is Charlie, Angie, Marcia, Andy and Myself...After looking at this I thought WOW....This group (minus Charlie..he's Angie's better half)  has been together since 4th grade. That's a long freaking time...We're getting old. One of the benefits of a small school. You make some great life long friends! love you guys!

So this picture is quite funny... After the race there was a girl holding one of those beautiful water bottles in her hand. She said one of my favorite words "FREE".

"Free water bottles being given out at the Chevy Tent".

Marcia's...(my soul shopping sister) ears perked up like a Yorkie..

She made her way to that tent like a moth to a light...reason # 302,342 why I love this girl...

Isnt' she cute...Love this girl..not because she gives me wine..or justifies me buying unnecessary shoes..she is such a great, fun, honest, loving friend a girl can ask for.

She's also single and I'm totally pimping her out..any takers..

Anyway...we stood in line (along with everyone and their mom) for more than 33 minutes which is longer than it took for us to run the 5k. GO US!

I was totally OK with the longer than the Nile River line...until this little boy..yes boy..he was maybe 10 years old. snuck his way up to the front. I turned into a 5 year old in 3.2 seconds and said to Marcia "This little brat is trying to cut in line" She looked at me like I was crazy...that's OK I still love her and with that I shifted and by shift I mean stood in front of his butting in line butt and cold blocked his butting in line butt. AND PUT AN END TO THAT. What is wrong with these little turds?...and where was your mama?...Go find her and let her teach you some manner boy!!

Yes, Marcia was totally laughing at my immaturity...But I'll have you know he didn't get in front of me. BOOM!

Seriously the color run was the best run ever!! I'm totally doing it next year!!

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  1. Sweet baby Jesus - You did NOT just pimp me out to the world...Color Run was the best, can't wait for our next one! P.S. you showed that little boy who was boss!