Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Pray before bed

(I said this every night before bed as a child)
 Pray before dinner
 Pray when someone is sick
Pray when someone is healed
 Pray for safety
 Pray for peace
Pray for Guidance
 Pray that I don't loose my cool
 Pray that I find the closest gas station when my gas light comes on.
When all else fails Pray.
When you don't know what to do Pray.
Pray without ceasing.
"If you're going to Pray don't worry, If your going to worry don't Pray"- Dave Washington

Isn't is awesome that all we have to do is PRAY....(and believe and have faith)

"casting all your cares on Him; for he cares for you ": 1 Peter 5:7

No, I'm not about to jump off a bridge, no I'm not leaving my husband, just thought I share what's on my mind lately.

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