Monday, July 23, 2012

Vacation Part 1

aaahh...Vacation...It just doesn't get any better than this. I could get use to sitting on the deck in the mornings. Watching the sunrise. Getting lost in the sounds of the ocean. So peaceful.

Any who, just because I'm on vacay..It doesnt' mean my body won't wake up at 5am. It could be that Mike and I had way too much fun yesterday and called it a night at 11...but whose really counting.

So we made it to OB Saturday around 5pm. We left the house at 5am. Yes.. for real. That was a long day in the car.  Surprisingly H did really well. BUT the last hour. Girlfriend was DONE with being in the car. I can't say I didn't blame her. we were all tired. Thankfully we traveled down with our buddies..who also had a 2 year old. So they got it. And they totally understood the  "WE have to stop because H is having a meltdown."

Once we arrived at our beach house, we headed straight for the ocean. We all couldn't wait to see the babies reaction. Some loved it, some hated it but our Hannah...LOVED it. Seriously took her shirt off and laid right in it. The girl has no fear. She had a ball.

Sunday, we spend all day in the ocean. I thought it was really the waves got closer. H continued to move her toys back so the water wouldn't get them. She is totally my child.

We are having a ball. We are so thankful to be able to get away for a week with great friends.

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