Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hannah Le'Anne

It seriously breaks my heart that my little baby girl is two!! TWO YEARS OLD!!! Really? Where does the time go? The time between 0-1yrs was pretty fast but 1-2 years just FLEW by. It really is a joy watching Hannah grow and learn new things but a part of me wants her to stay my sweet little girl.

So here is the skinny of Hannah at two years old:

 She hits the scale at a whopping 25 pounds
She is   inches tall
She's a pretty good eater. Her favorite foods are: Pancakes, Fruit, Bacon, and of course cookies
She's still only gets milk (vitamin D) and water. Although this summer I've been pretty lenient on the apple juice and lemonade
She LOVES swimming. She has no fear of anything
FEARLESS. She will try anything
She's taking gymnastics
She's taking dance
She is no longer taking naps...for me that is...Linda somehow gets her to take one during the day.
Her favorite shows are: Diego, Dora, Fresh Beat Band.
She's really a movie girl: Smurfs, Toy Story, Shrek, Gnome & Juliet, "Puppy Tales" aka Dolphin Tales, and of course RIO
She's talking.. a full sentences
She LOVES shoes. She puts them on...then takes them off...then repeats
She's into baby dolls. I often catch her rocking her baby..It's the sweetest thing
She stays home with Grandma Lassen. They both love it. We are very blessed.
She's definitely a girlie girl. Loves her dresses. Not so much the bows.
We are at the beginning stages of potty training. She's ready...I am not. lol..BUT when we get a few days off in a row, we are hitting the potty training with full force.
She loves animals. When we read our books she forces prefers that I point every object out on the page and tell her what it is
She's riding her tricycle pretty well. I think she gets bored with it. She would prefer to run around like a crazy person instead.
She LOVES to any types music. BUT let's just say she "feels the beat" when MIMI plays her it's the black side of her coming out :)
She loves her brother

She has a sweet tooth like her mama
She's not too big in the meat department but she loves her fruit and veggies
She is healthy, she is sweet, she is a TOTAL daddy's girl, She is truly one of our greatest blessing.

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!!

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  1. She's so special, Amie. And you're such a great mom. Happy belated birthday, Hannah!