Monday, July 9, 2012

Dallas Wedding Weekend

Thursday night Mike and I headed to Dallas after work for the VU & Boyer Wedding. I worked all day Thursday and was in no mood to leave Hannah. It was really sad leaving her. I knew she was in good hands..but there was something that just ripped my heart out when she yelled "mommy mommy"...when I left. I cried all the way to Malvern. My sweet sensitive husband told me to get a grip and shoved a taco down my throat. It took a minute but I got a grip and enjoy the time with Mike.

We made to to Dallas around 11:00pm. I was exhausted and it showed. We stayed at the Marriott City Center it was super nice. I jumped in the shower then Mike and I headed to the Lobby bar. It's amazing what a glass of Reisling can do for the soul.

I was so proud of Mike and I. We ran both days.

I can't get this dang picture to turn right side up....

Friday, we were invited the the Koren wedding at Lisa's parent's house. I loved the experience of the different culture's and the food was amazeballs. Isn't she pretty..

We had the rehearsal dinner at Dakota's . It was the best steak I have ever had. It was so nice to sit and meet with Lisa and her friends and family.

here we go again with the jacked up picture...WTH?

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. I know it wasn't really about Mike but he looked so handsome. He was a little paranoid about the rings but he did great.

 I for some reason don't have any pictures from the wedding and I'm so mad that I don't. Lisa and Adrian both looked amazing.
The reception was at The Dallas Petroleum Club. Great time. Mike did great on his best man speech.

It didn't take him long to loosen up and get moving on the dance floor.

Yep..He's mine...Be jealous...

 Aren't we cute?

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