Friday, July 20, 2012

Work less Wednesday #6

Since my birthday fell on work less Wednesday #6. Hannah got the shaft. Well not really. She spent the day with TEE TEE Amber.

So we really had Work less Friday instead.

After many.."I'm too busy to take Hannah to get her first haircut" I finally caved. I took my baby and had her hair cut.

So many emotions

"But she's my baby"
"But that's her baby curls"
"What if her curls don't  grow back"
"Maybe tomorrow..or maybe next year"

"It's just hair"
"It will grow back"
"babe she has a mullet"
"You have to cut it sooner or later"
"BABE... she has a mullet"
"Babe she looks like the dude from the college poster"

So I put my big girl pants on and headed to Pigtails and Crew cuts and I cut my baby girls hair.

This is before:

Just a little mullet-ish...

She looks so cute...

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