Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hannah's mini Birthday Party

My parents talked me into having H's 2nd birthday party in STL...again. I swore we were doing it in LR, but I felt guilty that my side of the family hardly sees her so with that I said yes. We will drive 6 hours to have a party. BUT we look so forward to seeing everyone.

With that being said, I couldn't ignore the fact that TODAY was her birthday.And because we were completely exhausted from our vacation it was 105 degree's today. We had no other option but to take our birthday girl swimming. Which she loves. Then we finished our night with a little cake and ice cream and presents. We kept saying "Happy Birthday Hannah" and she'd say "Happy Birthday Mama"

Ice cream cake....because she's too young to care. She wasn't a fan of the ice cream cake...

Waiting for presents.

Butterfly wings...

She caught daddy...

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