Friday, December 23, 2011

Cookies With Santa

Hannah was invited to "Cookies with Santa" a few weekends ago. I was a little worried about how she would do with Santa being so closed to her. She did ok with Santa at the Benton Christmas parade, only because she had no clue what was going on, and he had candy.
Not that this Santa was any less "Friendly Santa-ish" I just wished and hoped that Hannah wouldn't the the kid that freaked out.
It was held at my friend Samantha's house, her adorable daugther Elleigh is one day older than Hannah. They are long lost buddies from Ms.Shelly's house.
Look at them sporting their oh so cute Christmas outfits...and RED BOWS

So we walk in and Santa was sitting in a chair just a "Ho-Ho-Hoing" it was so cute. Samantha had a bowl of Jingle Bells and the kids were giving Santa the bells as they took turns sitting in his lap.
This was pretty much her face when she walked in. If I could only read her mind. I'm sure she was thinking "whoa.whoa.whoa...Somebody promised me cookies!"
She was way more interested in the bowl of jingle bells and the babies..
She warmed up just a little to Santa
It was all about the baby...
We had a ball and we are so thankful to have great friends like Samantha and Elleigh

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