Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's the best time of the year...

Last night we took Hannah to the Saline County Christmas parade. Who knew there were parades for Christmas? Not this girl. Hannah loved the parade. granted she was barried in the stroller with blankets. It was pretty cold last night.
I did manage to let her out of the stroller for a bit, so she could wave at all the people. She loved it!
Next stop was Santa's Shack (or whatever you call it. I'm really trying with this whole Santa thing).
Let me just tell you, There were kids EVERYWHERE...CRYING...and WHINNING..oh man...But thankfully Hannah was fully entertained with all the chaos.
She did really well with Santa, she wasn't scared at all. She had the look of "What are you?...and what's on your face?...look"
I do have to tell you, we are having so much fun this year with Christmas.
This is her new tongue trick. Isn't she so dainty..

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  1. That dress (and your daughter!) are adorable! I'm impressed with how well she did with Santa. We haven't even tried with Brooke, but I'm sure she would have been one of the whiner/criers.