Saturday, December 24, 2011

Every Girl needs a Puppy

I was really torn with this post title. "Every Girl needs a pupppy" goes without saying but I think in all honesty the title should read "No man should be left in a house with three women, for the love of God, GET HIM A DOG"
So, one thing that attracted me to Mike, was his egarness. When the boy wants something he gets it. One quality that we both share. The last few weeks, I've seen a lot of google searches for boxer puppies. Boxer is the only dog that Mike and I can agree on. We were both raised with a dog. We actually had a deposit put on a dog when we moved to Arkansas. Once we found out that we were expecting Hannah, I called the dog breader and told her she could keep the dog and the money. So I could keep my sanity.
Mike and I always talked about getting a puppy once Hannah was old enough to ask for one. Boy was I fooled. I thought the words "Daddy, can I have a puppy?" needed to come out of her mouth, apparently all she needed to say was the word "Doggie" and Daddy was on it.
Friday, Mike said "Babe, let's go look at these puppies in Des Arc..aka..EAST BUDDHA/COUNTRY/I'm pretty sure the movie DELIVERANCE was shot here"
I was totally out of my element, but I put a smile on my face and off we went.
I was thinking here we go, we're going to get out there and "just look" at a puppy and not come home with one? Yeah Right, I knew we were coming home with a dog when I saw the hidden bags of dog toy's and a bag of puppy chow in the back seat of Mike's truck.
How can you say no to this sweet face...
It was really sweet to see how happy and excited Mike was to give his little girl a puppy. He had it all planned out. We were going to sneak the puppy in, give him a bath *My physco germaphobe self suggested that* and then surprise Hannah when we opened our Christmas stockings.
well we couldn't wait for the stocking to be opened so, immediately after the bath, we set the scene.
This is Hannah looking at pictures of puppies on the computer. She is saying "puppy"over and over.
Here is Daddy, with Hannah's new puppy "Manny"
This is Hannah's "if you get closer, I'm gonna act a fool look.."
This is her warming up to the idea of Manny.
They're still getting use to each other...
I think her biggest problem is he doesn't exactly do what she wants him to do when she wants him to do it.. for instant..she couldn't understand why he wouldn't take this bottle like her babies do..and cried
I am totally in love with this little puppy. He is so sweet.
Then I thought of all the time and training that we'll have to put into this puppy and I poured myself one of these...
Tis the season! Merry Christmas

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  1. I love that you got a dog! How fun! Ozzie still isn't super-interested in Brooke, but I think once she figures out where the treats are, he'll like her a whole lot more. Happy New Year!