Saturday, December 31, 2011

"The older you get...The faster time goes by"

"The older you get, the faster time goes by" that is one of the famous qoutes of Dave Washington.Boy he wasn't lying The older I get..I realize how fast time really goes. Adding Hannah to the mix, and I REALLY realize how fast time goes.
2011 was a good year for the Lassen's.
1. Our sweet Hannah turned one...gasp...and...Celebration we all survived the first year. She's growing by leaps and bounds
2. Hannah gave up the bottle and the binky...HAPPY DANCE
3. Devin turned 15 and... STARTED DRIVING
Devin was 10 years old when Mike and I started dating. He was and still is Mike's Mini Me. It's incredible how much they are alike. It's amazing how fast he is maturing into a nice young man. Yep I said grandma qoute of the day.
4. We LOVE when he is here, we were fortunate to have lots of Devin visits this past year.
5. Mike and I celebrated our 5th year together and 2 years of wedding bliss. After draging me kicking and crying to Arkansas...I wouldn't change it for the world.This is now home and home is were ever we are together. Mike is truly my best friend and he keeps me lauging ALL the time. He amazes me everyday. I am so thankful to have a hard working husband who truly cares for his family. I think he's great...just saying.
Mike surprised us with our newest Lassen addition. Manny.
We have so much to be thankful for! 2011 was a great year!
Happy New Year!!

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