Thursday, April 24, 2014


Thinking, how am I going to pack, do laundry, get the garage sale stuff organized and make it to happy hour before half priced wine ends? Procrastination Station…all aboard

Wearing, super cute, super comfy maxi skirt with a polo T-shirt. Today is my dress down Friday.

Watching, my little pony. H’s new obsession. I miss T.V with adult content and cuss words.

Liking, every single house that we look at. There is so much pressure in buying a house. I’m talking important decisions Folks: will my walk in closet be big enough? Will the basement be far enough from the living room so I can’t hear M watch the history channel on volume level 94? Will H be in a good school district? How far is the liquor store? You see what I mean?

Wanting, a Nutribullet. I mean every house needs one. This is why I need to stay off the internet. I mean if Natalie from the Today Show needs do I.

Loving, hearing H say her night time prayers.
H: Dear Jesus, I wish for a unicorn
Me: Sugar, we don’t wish for things when we pray
H: oops sorry, Dear Jesus, Thank you for unicorns, Thank you for macaroni and cheese, Thank you for papa, Twinkle Twinkle little star… I love you Jesus Amen.

Testing M’s patients. I’m all.. Let’s get rid of all of our furniture and buy new in STL. DENIED I think I shouldn’t have to work when we move. DENIED. I think we need a pool.. you know for exercise DENIED. Uh.. Men.

Laughing at the fact that I’m running a half marathon this weekend, all while my left ankle could be mistaken for Shrek’s ankle


  1. I miss adult TV too! The only thing that's ever on anymore is Mickey Mouse. Can we please set a mouse trap? I'm over that squeaky vermin.

  2. I have to save my adult tv for night time but that is also my blogging time and house cleaning time so lots of tv is getting not watched. I miss all my shows but the Sprout channel has taken over. I hope you are able to make it running tomorrow and good luck with the house hunting!