Friday, April 4, 2014

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

Tomorrow H has a photo shoot. Doesn’t that sound fancy? Let’s hope they don’t send us home after they notice she’s missing a large chunk of hair because Miss Thang decided to cut her hair last week.

This girl has been my partner in crime lately. I knew she got me when she said these two sentences to me last night: 1.Grab the bottle of wine and let’s go chat. 2. I’ve got to tell you something and I want you to keep your “Big Mouth Shut”until I’m done#sheknowsmetoowell

Since M is out of town. I’m driving his ginormous truck. I may or may not have almost taken out a pole… in the drive thru…at the liquor store. I’m talking employee hanging out the window trying to direct me… I missed the pole BUT I gave them a nice yard job. #can’ttakemeanywhere

Marathon training take two.

Thank God for Baseball

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