Friday, April 18, 2014


I have to share this little gem with you guys. I was browsing THIS blog and fell in love with this silhouette.

I swear time is going so fast with little H. She is no longer a toddler but a threenager little girl. #breaksmyheart.

What a perfect way to capture her as a little girl.

I got so excited and ordered one for a special girl who just turned two. It seriously brought tears to her mamma’s eyes.

It's supper easy, you just snap a side profile picture of your little one and email it off to Lindsay. Boom. She'll even send you a proof.

Head on over to Love, Bug & Peanut and check her shop out. She has tons of great stuff. Lindsay was super sweet and her products shipped fast.


  1. I saw this on IG and FELL.IN.LOVE. What a fabulous way to capture Hannah at this age!

  2. Amie you're amazing! I'm so glad you liked the silhouette, thanks so much for posting about my shop.