Friday, February 7, 2014

Five Things Friday

H and I survived a week without M. Thank goodness for FaceTime. Night time was no fun; H is such a daddy’s girl especially at night time. I just wasn’t cutting it last night. Its ok H, I only carried you for 9 months gained 50 pounds I’m not at all offended that you prefer your dad at night. I digress. I was worried he’d get snowed in STL. BUT he said come hell or high water he was coming home tonight. EEK, I miss his face. #hestillgivesmebutterflies

Since we are getting more winter weather this weekend, I’m plan on doing some DIY projects. I will be attempting this. #sayaprayer

My eating is has been stellar this week (for the most part) I have a sweet tooth like no bodies business. I think I have crack the case… Diet Dr. Pepper. I’m not a soda drinker at all. Like can’t stand it, makes my belly hurt. BUT when I need something sweet, I’ve drank a Diet. Dr. Pepper. I never finish an entire can and yes I know soda is terrible for you but hey so is being overweight.

Have you seen these? Has anyone tried them? It has to be good right. It’s OREO.

My besties sent me this last night. I can’t stop laughing.

Everyone have a great weekend.


  1. Quest bars are awesome - I've never had that flavor, but choc chip, dbl choc chip, and brownie are legit.

  2. That's so cute that you are so excited that your husband is coming home. My baby is a mama's boy. I guess that is one positive about having a boy. Taco/nacho cartoon is funny!

  3. Awww, look how cute you and M are. Love it.
    Please come do some DIYing at my house. My craft skills have pretty much said "peace out." Good thing my wine drinking hand didn't follow suit.
    I haven't had the Quest bar, but I've heard really good things about it!