Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

I’m digging deep down in my crazy bag and spewing all the random thoughts out on this blog today.

1.Thank you baby Jesus it’s Thursday. It’s been a LONG week. M is out of town and I am beyond excited to see his blond hair and blue eyes tomorrow. Pray the STL weather doesn’t snow him in and he makes it home. Raise your hand if you are over this winter weather.

2.I don’t mean to be ignorant but does anyone ever wish they can yell “SHUT THE EFF up” at work without getting fired? I’m pretty sure I would get fired. I work with an office FULL of chatty Cathy’s and I swear my ears hurt by 4:30. I mean I love a little coffee talk in the morning, but when I am at my desk and you are randomly talking and I don’t look up, that means I’m ignoring you. It does not mean to talk louder OR to just stare at me like a creeper. It means I don’t want to talk. AND another thing. If my head phones are in, that also means I don’t want to participate in your convo about how you got ground chuck for $3.99 a pound at food giant. #idon’tcare. (reason #12 why I am going back to school)

3.HI I’m Amie and I have Bieber Fever. I know little JB has been in a smidge of trouble lately. BUT I can’t get enough of his music lately (see above random thought…I listen to a lot of music at work) I am currently obsessed with these two JB songs.

                         He may want to take a bic to that peach fuzz. just saying.
4.Am I too old for these shoes? I just think they are adorable.
5.I need to make this outfit happen.
6.So a few friends of mine are trying to put a six person team together for this race. We are short one person. Raise your hand if you think D from Macke Monologues should make her first trip to STL to drink wine run this race with us?
7.I found this adorable scarf from Olive and Hazel. You got to check them out. Oh and they have FREE SHIPPING

Make it a good day!!


  1. Digging that outfit girlie - I'd like to borrow it #pleaseandthankyou

  2. Wellll, that first JB song was pretty racy. And, I'm guessing they weren't singing about a Tootsie roll? And, JB, you *are not* an OG… Juuuuust sayin.
    The shoes. GET.THE.SHOES!
    I'm raising my hand as high as it can go!!! I'd love to see STL and drink wine… I mean run!

  3. That scarf is super cute! Raising my hand for winter to be over. It was super cold today and I had outside bus duty. That outfit is so cute but yeah it has got to warm up first. I'm ready for flip flops and sandals.