Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flip This Room Part 1

I took it upon myself to redo Hannah's bedroom. I felt like it was time to actually decorate her room since we have been in the house almost 3 years now. So off I went to Home Depot bought my paint & brushes and went to town.

Hannah of course wanted to help. She LOVED the tarp. She ran around and around and around...

Can we say shadow...

I worked ALL night Friday until it was completely painted. I was exhausted and had Paint EVERYWHERE.  but it was worth it and we still had smiles on our faces.

I found these toy chest on craigslist for 20BUCKS!!  I gave them some lovin' and they look adorable in the room.

I still have to make the curtains and hang a few things. Stay tuned for pictures.

Look at my girl:

She likes to hear the "tap" on the floor with her tap shoes. She walked this baby all day. I never want to forget these moments.

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