Monday, June 11, 2012

A little dancing and a lot of pool

This weekend H had her first dance class.

Side Note:
While I realize H is only going to be two (GASP) I've pretty much worn her out with the picture taking. I wanted to get a picture of her outfit before we left and as soon as I got the camera out. She ran to the window and wouldn't turn around. I wonder where she gets that sassy from?

Back to the dance:
 It was ADORABLE.  They started the class with a little music. You know "Toddler Top Hits" a.k.a. Dora, The Wheels on the bus and then  H's all time favorite "Barney" came on and H screamed with excitement. It was priceless.

After they danced and got all the wiggles out ramped up they did a play time on the mats and bars.

 H with one of her buddies working it on the bar.

H wanted to help Ms. K with everything.

This "cheese/wedge mat" has always been one of H's favorites. BUT to my surprise I was told Saturday rolling down these is helpful for kids and their reading development?

Say huh? You know I had to google that.
So this is what I found: NOTHING..NADA..NOT one thing.
So I plan on asking my friend Jaimie. She's knows everything

The best part of the class was this:

Girlfriend was KNOCKED OUT.

But not for long...just long enough for me the Think I'll get a little down time. lol..I kid... I kid.

So we headed to the POOL.

Last year we went to the pool a lot. This year now that H is a little bigger she loves it. We'll be taking full advantage of this pool this summer. oh and that little lady bug floatation is great. I wanted to put two of them on her. ( I get a little paranoid around water...I'm working on it)

It was a nice to be home this weekend. We were overdue for a relaxing weekend.

This is how I found H at one point last night? She was accessorizing...apparently...

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  1. Hmmm...I certainly don't know everything, but I do know that they *might* be overselling the wedge. I mean, it's definitely great for them physically, but helping them read? Really???