Thursday, June 14, 2012

Work less Wednesday's #1

One of the benefits of working at my job is the "summer schedule" That is offered during the summer months. Can I just say I LOVE the summer schedule. Yes, I have to work 4 ten hour work days (BOO!) but that extra day off really puts a smile on my face. (YEAH!!)

So this year, Wednesdays are my additional day off. When I got approved I instantly began planning my Work less Wednesdays with Hannah. This is the line up: Explore Downtown LR, POOL day, LR ZOO, Chuck E Cheese, Play Time Pizza, Beach. And that's all I've planned so far.

Week #1: Go to the big down town of Little Rock. Explore the shops, watch the ducks at the Pea Body. Play in the new water "park" in the river market. Meet Mike for lunch etc. etc. etc.

We'll one thing I learned quickly as a mother is that 9 out of 10 times things don't work out as planned. So you adjust and move on. So when the clock hit 9:30am and H was still asleep. I realized there was no way we'd make it downtown by 11 to see the ducks. So I adjusted.

I took this little guy on a run: (P.S. He is not a good running partner..Bless his heart he can't run straight to save his little doggy life)

And when H was still asleep when I got back I showered and caught up on my shows.

When sleeping beauty arose from her beauty sleep. We ate breakfast, showered and moved on to plan B: SHOPPING!!! (when all else fails...Go Shopping)

I don't know about anyone elses kid, but when I say "Hannah are you ready to go?" She says "Sure Mama" and runs around like a kleptomaniac and grabs as many things as she can...and heads for the door...

It's really stinking cute BUT the back seat of my car looks like the inside of a toy box.

I've been wanting to try a few of the resale shops in Benton. So off we went to explore the Big Town of Benton. We went to the "Finer Things" resale shop. It looked like a tornado went through this place. STUFF everywhere. Which really triggers my OCD I just want to start picking up things and organizing it. BUT after digging I did find a pair of tap shoes for H for $6.00 bucks!! WINNER.

That however was the end of my treasures. The resale shops were a bust. I was pretty disappointed.
So we headed over to Home Depot. Which is dangerous. I'm pretty clueless.  I purchased 3 different paint colors, a brush, and a tarp and came home and cleared H's room out.

That's right..This girl is a painter by night..(or really by urge) I'm redoing H's rooms. Stay tuned...

Even though we didn't make it downtown to explore LR. I really enjoyed having an extra day with my pumkindoodle.

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