Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Simple Life

I don't want to jinx myself. BUT life has been pretty BORING simple here at the Lassen Home. My day usually consist of:

The alarm going off at 5:18am (random I know) and 9 out of 10 times I have a debate with myself in my head that goes pretty much like this:
 "Amie get up and go for a run"
"No, it's still dark outside. You can't see the snakes"
"Amie get up and go for a run! Just get your run over with"
*hit the snooze button*
"Amie the sun is practically up. GET YOUR ARSE out of BED!"
*hit the snooze button*
"Amie-It's now 6:15am get in the shower"

I don't know what it is, but I can't get out of bed in the morning. So my simple life have been:

Play with Hannah
Go for a run
Bath/play with Hannah/Put H to sleep
Watch a ridiculous amount of reality TV and fall asleep

 I know don't be jealous. Although, I do have to admit. I love the simple life. One of the 100,000 reasons why I love Mike and married his blue eyed blond hair self. WE like to keep things simple

Last week we thought we'd shake that up a bit and spend a RIDICULOUS amount of time in the car.

Friday we went to Dallas for memorial day. BANKED 5 hours in the car. ("we" and when I say "we" I mean MIKE got lost.) Drove home Sunday BANKED 4 hours in the car.

Which was totally worth it because we got to hang out with these guys!!

AND we go back to Dallas in JULY!
Side note:

We got news Sunday that Mike's Uncle passed away. Floyd Lassen was one of the sweetest kindest man I knew. I feel so fortunate to have known him.

So with that. Monday we headed to STL and  BANKED 6 hours in the car. We thought we'd drive through the night to help Hannah sleep aka make the drive easier (with no screaming for suckers)on them not me.

I really don't function well between the hours of 10:00pm- 6:00am so Mike and Linda did most  all of the driving. (I'm sure my name was dirt) I think it gave Mike a little satisfaction that Manny (yes, we had our 6 month old boxer with us..yes we are crazy) insisted on sleeping all 6 hours on my lap. By hour 2 I realized that I was way too old to travel with a dog on my lap. My back was KILLING me.

We got to STL around 5:00 am exhausted. BUT boy was Hannah ready to go. That's when we passed her hyper hiney off to PAWPAW. She had a blast playing in the backyard with him. We were only at my parents all of 12 hours but Hannah had to be bathe 3 times. We also got to spend a little time with our lovely son Devin before we headed to the funeral Tuesday. (BONUS) After the funeral around 6pm we headed back to LR BANKED 6 hours in the car  we got back to LR at 1:00am we all walked straight to our beds we were SO TIRED.  Bless Mike's little heart, Wednesday morning he had to head to Fayetteville for work. He BANKED 3 hours in the car (plus 3 hours driving back to STL)  and pretty much hating life at this point.

Mike got home late Thursday night (after a cable cut..ugh these ALWAYS happen at the MOST inconvenient time) just to get enough sleep to drive us BACK to Cape Girardeau Friday for Keith and Brandy's Wedding. BANKED 4 hours in the car  This was a really fun weekend. Not only did we get to see our friends get married. BUT we also go 2 nights to hang out with some good friends. We headed back to LR Sunday BANKED 4 hours in the car.

Needless to say, we've banked a lot of hours in the car this pass week. We are more than excited to return to our simple life. AND Mike is beyond excited that he only has to bank 4 hours in the car for Adrian's Bachelor party in the month of June.

It's time for me to get serious about the St. Jude Marathon and I recently signed up for The Color Run which is going to be AMAZEBALLS running with Marcia & Lauren!!

oh and how cute is this little PUMKINDOODLE!!!! Thank you JESUS FOR HER!!

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