Thursday, June 21, 2012

Work less Wednesday #2

The Plan:

Get up at 5am and just get my run over.

The Real Deal:

Alarm went off at 5am...I must have turned it off but had no recollection of it. At 5:30 my fearless dog woke me up because he was dreaming and kicking the wall. So off to the couch I go with Manny. I knew if I didn't get moving I would skip my run for the day. So what does a dedicated runner do?

Turn on the BOOB TUBE: yep...I watched last night's episode of Teen Mom at 5:30am. I am 97% sure I am the only person in America who still watches that show who is over the age of 25 .  It's like watching a train wreck... You can't stop watching.

So once I polluted my head with more junk TV. I finally hit the pavement with Manny.

Remember those days when you'd run pretty? You know..Your pony tail is just right. you have a little glow to your face. You don't glisten. You're running in the newest running gear..that is fashionable. Your outfit matches. blah blah blah...then every once in a while you'll get that random "honk" from a hot guy driving by. I just want to take a moment to reflect on those days. Because NOW:

I run with my hair spilt down the middle of my head..basically pigtails. (A) I have so much dang hair my beautician said it's a must otherwise I will suffocate my scalp...ultimately (B) resulting in more hair appointments..which in Mike's mind going once a week is overboard anyway..and when he says that I always come back with "Babe...I'm black and I point to my hair" anyway the cute pony tail is out.

My running outfit is not the latest  Nike's a plane old t-shirt/tank top and my running shorts are covered in paint from last week. I definitely don't glisten..I sweat like a dude and the only compliments that are flowing are for Manny.... How rude ;o)

He is a little Stud

So on to more rambling.

I had an 8:00am doctor appointment this morning. H was still asleep so I was able to leave her with MIL (reason #25,923 why her being here is AMAZEBALLS) I don't know about you, but there is something about taking a 2 year old to the doctor's office that make me want to DRANK.

I have this "growth" on my elbow. It's not noticeable and I've had it for years. It only bothers me when I hit my elbow just right on knot. Let me tell you...The pain level is right up there with child birth. One time I SWEAR I saw Jesus! It HURT so bad!!  I tried to diagnose myself on WEB MD but to no avail. I was concerned it might be a cyst. After hearing the horror story from my friend Samantha who had a cyst removed from her lip.NO THANK YOU VERY MUCH....I wanted no part of a cyst or the removal of the cyst. So on to the doctor to get it diagnosed

But before I get to that let's talk about the scale at the doctors office. I mean REALLY? Why is it always higher than the one at home? AND let's talk about the process of weighing.

The nice nurse tells me to step on the scale. OK no biggy. I don't even take my shoes off because I have made sure I have the LIGHTEST pair of flip flops on. I get on the scale and she SLINGS that metal piece over like she's playing a slot machine. I mean REALLY? Why do you push it so hard. Like she already knows my weight. I mean can't she be a little more sensitive? And I swear she doesn't let that thing settled all the way before she writes my weight down.

Her scale said I was up 2 pounds. There is no way I gained 2 pounds on my way to the doctors office. I'm going to bring my scale to the next appointment.

So..I have been cleared..No cyst. Its a calcium build up on a tendon. Which means no removal unless it really starts to bother me.

When I returned from the doctors appointment. H was up and ready to go. So we ate breakfast and headed to the pool. SHE LOVES THE POOL. I shouldn't be but I am so shocked at how brave she is. We got a kiddy float device and she get that thing on and has no fear! I mean she wants to be thrown in, jump off the side of the edge float all around the dang pool. It make me a nervous wreck but she loves it!

After the pool we had a picnic for lunch. I laughed at myself as I made her lunch. It consisted of: watermelon, cantaloupe, cheese cubes, animal crackers and of course garlic bologna. I had to laugh. I was super crazy about H and what she ate before she turned 1. I mean the whole nine yards. BREAST MILK ONLY-then only home made baby food, NO SUGAR and EVERYTHING had to be organic. I wouldn't even give her tap water. Who buys NURSERY water? THIS GIRL! and now I'm feeding her BOLOGNA!!!
not that there is anything wrong with bologna. Shoot I grew up on bologna and every once in awhile I crave a fried bologna sandwich with mayo and cheese..yep sounds disgusting but I LOVES it

 Hannah is barely 25 pounds. She needs some meat on her bones and if the girl wants bologna. She gets it.

We ended our day with gymnastics and a little relaxation with daddy. (since he's leaving us for the weekend...sad day)

Hannah is trying to multitask watching Shrek, holding baby and talking with Mimi..

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  1. I'm totally with you on the kid-healthy-food thing and the workout clothes. I was complaining about how all I have to work out in is "Lady Tigers" t-shirts and guess what my Mother's Day present was? Oh yes he did.